vrijdag 22 april 2011

Jo C-S Intro- 'Life happens'....


It's my turn to introduce myself.

My name is Jo Capper-Sandon, Jo, short for Joanne.

I really don't enjoy having my photo taken any more now that I'm getting older (I was 47 this week feeling 97!) and so it was a challenge in itself finding one of me that wasn't taken in the 1980's.

I used to look much livelier,

with shiny white teeth...

...but then life happened ...

and kids...

and gravity....

...and thankfully Photo Shop lol....

I don't have a recent photo of me from the front (lots from the back...I always seem to be escaping or just out of shot thank fully), so you will have to use your imagination. I do have a nose, and my lippy isn't quite so pink, but you get the idea.

OK...where to begin?

I live here in the UK.........

Born up north in Cheshire (known for its cat and gorgeous cheese), I grew up in Staffordshire (famous for its pottery and its delicious oatcakes)and now live here in the south. 'Here' is also known as Kingston near Lewes (pronounced Loo-iss)is just outside Brighton, on the coast in East Sussex.

I live with my husband Dave and two sons, Zak, who is almost 20 and Kane who is 8. We live in a lovely, light and airy house that we had recently converted, in a quiet country village with a bit of land, an allotment and chickens.

My interest in all things arty-crafty began like most people, as a child, but seriously as a teenager, when at 16 I went to art college for a number of years, eventually studying Textiles.
I then 'did stuff' for 20 years and eventually became interested in making cards. I visited a blog the other day who's owner said she started making cards to save money- and I think thats why I thought it might be a good idea at the time, but it certainly hasn't saved me any! :0)

Since that fateful day of watching the magic act of heat embossing in my local craft store 8 years or so ago and watching cardmaking on TV, I've gone from 'Toppers and peel off stickers' to what I do now, which is playing with inks and stamps mainly.

I was once Guest Artist for Stamper's Sampler, have appeared on the cover of Craft Stamper(above shows an Art Journey article I wrote) and Take Ten, and now have my own line of stamps with a well known company in America(I know!! I don't believe it either!).
I design for a number of stamp companies, stores and a magazine here in the UK, The Netherlands and the USA which keeps me incredibly busy and the house permenantly scattered with stamps, inks and bits and pieces.

I also enjoy photography, as a number of us seem to here. I don't have a flashy camera, just a little digital snappy one, but its fine for capturing inspirational bits and pieces. The photograph above (the view from our garden) was shown on TV a few times last autumn which I was really pleased about. I have a blog called Jo Blogs Outdoors where my photography can be seen.

Here is an Art Journey blast from the past.

Reading all that back to myself, I don't seem to be doing too badly I suppose. Of course, I've only mentioned the glossy bits, the bits we mention when people say, Hello, I'm so and so...lovely to meet you...I thought the doom and gloom could stand to one side for a change lol :0)
I've enjoyed reading the introductions from members of the Art Journey team. I hope you are enjoying them too - there are still a few more to come.

Here is a sunny spring like card to finish with, using one of the new images from the Boys plate.

Have a very happy Easter weekend. Don't eat too many chocolate eggs!

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  1. Hey, Jo it is nice to know more about you! Love your style (as you know!) and your art. Happy Easter.

  2. Happy Birthday, Jo! It's great to get to know you better.... seeing your pic from the 80s, I can now imagine you in a rocker chick band, tee hee! (I have burned my pics from the 80s... but yours looks great - no fair!) Your work is gorgeous, loved reading your story. ;)

  3. Lovely interview Jo. Your artwork speaks volumes. Happy Easter.

  4. Thanks for this SUPER introduction, Jo! Love to know a little bit more about the Design Team members.And that photo from the 80's is absolutely stunning!!

  5. wonderful introduction Jo and loving the last card - just fab!

  6. LOL Jo - what a fab pic from the 80s. It's not easy writing about yourself is it? Sounds like a pretty good CV for your art and crafting career though and the artwork just proves it.

  7. Hi Jo. So nice to read your story. And really beautiful cards and art! Nice to meet you on this way a bit more and the photo from the 8o's is really nice to see! Don't worry your age. We all get older! So be happy and enjoy the days.
    Beautiful outdoor photo. I love these areas because it looks so quiet and peacefull. Lovely!

    Happy Easter!

  8. Who is that cool looking rock chick? I may have to visit just to see that garden view it's spectacular! Thank you for sharing.

  9. I know what you mean by "life happens". LOve both of your photos. And we cannot stay the same all our life. Panta rei, everything flows, we change and move with the times, and become richer in wisdom for the experience.
    You are a unique woman!

  10. Hi Jo, nice your introducion. So we know more about you. I love your style and beautiful work.
    Happy Easter
    Gr. Marja

  11. Oh Jo

    How wonderful to read all about you, you are so famous - I never realised quite how famous you were. And not only having your artwork and talent showcased all over the world - but having your gorgeous photos on TV too!

    It's wonderful to hear about your 'early' years going to art college etc - it helps to understand why you bring such a unique slant to everything you do.

    And you are just as beautiful now as you were in your 'hey days' blonde and innocent with 'shiny white teeth'!

    I salute you

  12. Breath taking, your view from your garden! I see 2 beautiful pictures of yourself and lots of awesome cards! Nice to meet you this way :)
    Have a Happy Easter weekend!

  13. I've always been wondering about your art education, because you are sooooooo creative! Now I know :)
    I love your style, in cardmaking, photography and writing!!
    Nice to learn a little bit more about you :)
    Happy Easter!

  14. I love your work and you're blog is stunning!

  15. Fab photo from the 80's Jo and if you'd had your hair plaited you'd have looked just the same when I'd met you a couple of years ago.
    You make stunning cards and love your countryside photos.

  16. Great to read a little more about you Jo ! Wonderful cards and photos !

  17. I love your work...I like your face (in the '80 but also in 2011....) I like your style. and it's great to read more about you..
    Hope to see a lot more from you. Thanks for this little look in your live.

  18. So well written and entertaining...you had me laughing,,,and of course,,,your inspiring artwork and look at that head of hair girl!!

  19. Great introduction Jo and fabulous art work and pictures!
    Happy Easter!

  20. Lovely interview Jo. It was your lovely creations in Craft Stamper that started my 'love affair' with Art Journey. Love your creations and your stamp designs. Looking froward to seeing you too now :-) S xx

  21. Hello Jo, well, I've just discovered this little expose, I'm seriously impressed that's quite an introduction! One very clever lady! I've always loved your unique slant on all things arty and now I know all about you, great, it's lovely to meet you:0) Thank you so much:0) xxx